How to get free stuff at Casinos

I have to say that I think anyone paying for, well, pretty much anything, at casinos needs to rethink their strategy. While I may not be quite as intense as the extreme couponers, I am not far off when it comes to accumulating points on a casino rewards card. The difference between gathering points at my super market and the casino are vastly different though.

casino cashThis weekend I am heading to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Due to previous play, I’ll have a free room at the MGM at Foxwoods, tickets to see The Fray, Carlos Mencia and John Legend as well as a few hundred dollars to spend within the resort at the various restaurants and shops. This is very possible without being a high roller.

Casinos are home to the ultimate ‘rewards’ programs. They have mastered this art and are more than willing to give away free services in exchange for frequent visits and time spent at the tables or machines. The key is the time that you’re spending. Casinos use an algorithm that calculates your average bet with the amount of time that you spend gambling to determine how much you’re worth to them. Gaming this system is very feasible.

#1 Slow play at the tables

The length of play is key to how the casino values you. This is applicable to machines as well as table games. So, bet SLOW. This is not always possible, but if you can find an empty table take your time placing your bets and chatting with your dealers. I always refer to the dealers as ‘closers’ (yes, the same as baseball) who the ones who are incredibly fast with the cards. It always seems that their goal is to get your cash as quick as they can. Take your time.

#2 Take your time at the machines

I’m not a fan of slots but I can get into some video poker once in a while. The best are the ones built directly into the bar. As long as you’ve got cash in there and (in some cases, depending on the property) are betting the max you get free drinks from a bar tender that’s an arm length away. I’ve never heard of a rule regarding the speed at which you need to play though. Take your time, have your drinks and meanwhile the casino is racking up points on your card based on time of play and amount of your bet.

#3 Cash in cash

One of the additional ways that casinos rate the amount of money you’re spending and what you’re worth is how much actual cash you’ve put down on the tables. When you leave a table game you’re paid out in chips and most patrons then take those chips to the next table, sit down and play. Instead, swing by the cashier, cash those chips in for cash and head to the next table. Each time you whip out cold, hard cash the pit boss should be recording this.

Each time you lay down cash the casino is assuming you’re leaving at least a portion of that for them, so you’re amount of play is likely to look higher. For example, you have $100 and stay even through the course of the night but keep cashing the chips in while visiting five different tables. Likely, in their system it now shows you cashing in $500.

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