For anyone who travels on a regular basis, a TripIt account is a must. TripIt allows you to easily import all of your travel details for Hotel, Airfares, Car rentals and more to easily get a picture of your travel plans and keep everything organized.

TripIt.comTripIt is great for travel planning, simply forwarding most confirmation emails to will import all of the details for your flights, accommodation car rental, etc. TripIt will then organize all of these details into a single itinerary giving you a simple view of everything that you have booked and any dates that are still outstanding for multi-city trips. There are some travel suppliers that have confirmation emails that are not compatible with the TripIt import system and you need to input your details manually.

Once you have all of your details in the system TripIt will automatically add maps and additional information for your trip. This is also a great way to keep a record of trips that you have taken and how much each portion of the trip cost you.

Free Features

TripIt is constantly adding additional features, such as the ability to add train travel, cruises and meeting plans to your itinerary. It is also a must have as an app on your smart phone while traveling, keeping track of all of your details and being easily accessible while on the road.

Paid Features

TripIt also has a paid version which offers additional features not available in the standard account which include tracking points from loyalty programs, showing alternate flights and automatically tracking to determine whether prices may have changed and you are eligible for a partial refund for an airfare ticket.

Social Media Integration

TripIt allows you to connect to social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to post updates about your travel. You are also able to connect to other TripIt users to see where your friends are traveling and let them know where you will be. In addition you can share your trips with other members which makes group travel planning a whole lot easier.

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