Wanderu – Your Bus & Train Booking Tool

There are too many websites out there to count that focus on comparing flights, car rentals and hotels. Wanderu is the website that you’ve been waiting for to easily find, compare and book bus and travel in the US.


Benefits to bus and train travel

There are many of you out there that wouldn’t consider bus travel, but let’s be honest, flying is a pain in the ass these days and hopping on the bus or train can be a lot less stressful most of the time. That’s in addition to the fact that the bus competition is fierce in many markets, making tickets extremely cheap.

Another benefit to bus (and train) travel over flights is that you’re often able to travel from the middle of one city directly into the center of another without having to deal with traveling from the airport into the city (which includes both the hassle and the extra time + cash involved).

Wanderu interface and results

Similar to the interfaces of meta search websites that you’re familiar with, like Kayak, the results are stripped down and the process for comparing the deals that are available is straight forward and easy to navigate. This tool (similar to other meta search sites) gives you the benefit of not only comparing fares to find the best deal but let’s you easily understand what your options are which is half the battle.

wanderu results

The Wanderu mobile app

The mobile app from Wanderu is available for Wanderu Android and wanderu for iPhones. The app is basic and easy to use, which is a great way to grab tickets while you’re on the go.

Visit the Wanderu website for more info and to start comparing fares.

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