Earn money from your Vacation Photos with Travayl

A new site, Travayl, gives you the opportunity to make money from your vacation and travel photos.


The site itself allows you to create a profile and upload your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or directly from your computer. You are able to add captions and locations for the photo. You can also upload videos from YouTube

When users click on your photos and search for hotels based on the location that you’ve tagged you have the opportunity to cash in on a per-click basis of the revenue that is generated by Travayl. This can also happen if you decide to embed photos on your own website or blog. Learn more about earning revenue.

travayl book hotel

To help in growing the size of community Travayl is also offering referral bonuses when you refer your friends.

By using the booking options you are also provided with suggested itineraries and flight options. Unlike most travel sites, Travayl also includes bus and train travel within the itinerary to show you estimated costs for getting to your final destination. The speed of these search results is impressive as well, clearly using average pricing and cached data.

Travayl trains

By browsing through the photos on the site you can also list them as places that you’d like to go in order to create your own travel bucketlist.

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