GoSeek automates Hotel Discounts & Promo Codes

The newest evolution of hotel comparison sites has arrived with GoSeek. You no longer have to worry about whether or not there are better deals out there.


For eons, even before the invention of booking travel on the internet, there were promo codes, coupons and discounts flying around. There are AAA discounts. Once you hit a certain age you can get senior citizen discounts. Suppliers and hotel chains also provide their partners and affiliates with promo codes and coupons to entice journalists, bloggers and websites to promote their hotel.

In order to get these discounts you first have to be aware that they exist. This usually involves some sort of direct marketing or actively seeking out promo codes. There are many websites that focus solely on sharing promo codes so that you can get discounts. If you google terms like ‘nike promo code’ you are going to see that Google will pre-populate your search term because it is to popular.

The problem here has always been that searching for travel accommodations is time consuming enough. Once you’ve settled on a property and compared all of the websites that you can book through are you then going to spend time scouring the web to see if there is a discount code you can apply to your booking?

Enter Go Seek.

The GoSeek platform searches for discounts and promotion across the web and applies them to the rates shown on their websites. When you click through to make your booking on one of the partner websites, like Orbitz or Room77 the discount is applied and you’re able to get this lower rate.

go seek results

The discounts available include promotion and discount codes as well as more traditional, ongoing discounts that include AAA members and senior citizen discounts. If you don’t fall into categories that are eligible for those discounts you can exclude them from your search results.

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