Lyft – your friend with a car

If you’ve ever waited on the side of the road fighting your fellow pedestrians and considering elbowing out the elderly woman next to you in order to get a taxi Lyft may the be the answer to your problems. Lyft is a service designed to operate from an app on your iPhone or Android phone that allows you to order a driver to any place, any time.

Lyft versus taxis

The difference between Lyft and a typical taxi is that the drivers are regular people with regular cars who have passed Lyft’s application process to use their own vehicle to transport people. The car picking you up may be a Honda, BMW or Mazda.

Lyft driver requirements

All drivers must be over 23 years of age and screened with DMV and background checks. Drivers must also possess $1,000,000 excess liability insurance. The vehicle operated by a Lyft driver must be 2000 or newer and in good working condition, but beyond that anything goes. The driver can specify when they want to be on call for pick-ups. 80% of the ‘donation’ for a ride goes to the Lyft driver.

Lyft passengers

Drivers are able to rate passengers for every trip. They can then use this data to decide whether or not they want to pick up a certain fare. When your ride is selected you can view the location of the car on a map and are provided an estimated pick up time. The car is also identified by it’s moustache.

Lyft locations

Lyft currently operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are accepting applications for Boston, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York.

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