7 Reasons to Travel with Zip Lock Bags

There are a few essential items that I carry with my whenever I’m traveling. These are mostly common, cheap items that have many uses and I’ve found uses for them that I never would have dreamed of before I left for my trip.

Zip Lock bags are a staple of my travel packing. I usually take various sizes with me as well. They are cheap and compact, disposable and you can find them anywhere if you run out while you’re on the road.

Common uses:

Martini Shaker

I’ve used a zip lock bag to shake up a martini or two when I didn’t have the proper dining ware. Worked like charm

Cords & Chargers

They are a perfect way to organize your bags compartmentalize everything from the cords for your electronics to toiletries

Wet and damp clothing

Occasionally you have no choice but to put something not quite dry into your bag or suitcase. This is why I carry a variety of sizes with me. The larger Zip Lock bags can easily store my board shorts if they don’t have time to dry before I have to pack up.

Food storage

Even it is just for left over cheese and fruit when I’m having a night of hors devours at my AirBnB or hotel

Flotation device

When I’m kayaking or on a boat of some sort I put my electronics and wallet into a baggie with some air in it. If it goes overboard it will float because of the air and I’ll have a chance of recovering my goods.

Theft prevention

When I’m at the beach, particularly when solo, I will put my keys, phone or other valuables in a zip lock bag and bury it under my towel or blanket. It’s not a guarantee but it’s much less likely that the important stuff will get stolen while I’m in the water.

Portable cooler

When you’re heading to beach or elsewhere when traveling and want to bring cold drinks or food with you, chances are you don’t have a full size cooler and the accompaniments. A Zip Lock bag stuffed with ice does a decent enough job if it is laid on the food or drinks to at least keep the edibles cool.

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