5 reasons to visit Dubai

If you’ve debated heading to Dubai for a visit, here are the top 5 reasons why you should push it to the top of your list and just book the ticket.

1. Eclectic Culture

The city of Dubai is literally two cultures melding into one region. You can spend your morning in a souk in Bur Dubai, shopping for scarves and trinkets and then head to the beaches in the afternoon to soak up the sun and splash around in the waves. Somehow this city has managed to make it work for both cultural experiences to blend together without making either seem out of place.

2. Food & dining

You may think of Dubai as a gastronomic destination, but along with the mixture of traditional and state of the art architecture comes restaurant and dining experiences that offer variety. Don’t spend all of your time in brand new restaurants with chefs that have stars to spare, be sure to head into some local spots for traditional favorites, particularly to grab a snack like hummus and pita — it’s not the store bought stuff you’d find at your hometown grocery.

3. Shopping galore

If shopping is your thing Dubai has as much to offer to as any Western city with malls across the city that feature high end boutiques, standard shops and some off the wall attractions, such as indoor skiing and aquariums. Yup, the malls are not just for shopping in this city.

4. High-end Hospitality

The quality of service that you receive at hotels and restaurants is of the highest caliber. The city has seen an influx of cash due to tourism and they are ready to step up to the plate to include the highest levels of luxury, comfort and attention in order to keep you coming back. From the bellman to your waiter at dinner or the hotel barman you’re sure to be pleased with the level of attentiveness and service that is provided.

5. Architecture & Attractions

Where ever you go in Dubai, whether it be in the new areas of Jumeirah Beach or the older areas like Bur Dubai you are surrounded by history and amazing architecture. The newer buildings are stunning feats of creativity, including the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. The older structures are so full of character and history that they are as or more interesting yet.

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