Downtown Dubai

Dubai Mall Waterfall Burj Khalifa
Everything about the new Dubai is based on the biggest or newest or tallest – it’s all about extravagance. You can take the world’s fastest elevator to the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burk Khalifa. The Burj Kahlifa is over 800 metres tall, with 160+ floors, 57 elevators and 8 escalators and more than 26,000 glass panels! To visit the observation deck on the 124th floor ( the tower has 160 floors ) you should purchase tickets in advance. To buy them on the day of the cost is 400 AED, but purchasing in advance is only 100 AED.

From the ground or from one of the surrounding buildings, in the evening it’s free to watch the fountain located at this base of this building as huge jets of water are sprayed into the area to dance to music that is pumped out of every direction. It is quite a spectacle and something you need to see live in order to appreciate – in perspective it puts the Bellaggio fountain of Las Vegas to shame. If you are not in Burj Khalifa to watch the fountain – try going to The Address, located just above the Souk Al Bahar, go up to Nero, a bar on the 24th floor where you can grab a drink and watch the fountain from an aerial view, which is a whole different, but equally awe-inspiring, experience than watching from the ground level. Proper dress is required for admittance to Nero.

Dubai Mall
Head into the various areas of the mall for any type of shopping that you can possibly imagine – but that is hardly what the mall is known for or the reason to visit. Within the Dubai mall, you can visit the Gold Souk for some serious souvenirs or visit one of the big attractions and activities. Go diving or even feed sharks at the aquarium, take a spin on the indoor ice skating rink, view the 2+ story waterfall ( pictured here ) and check out the high fashion center where models are regularly on the cat walk displaying the new fashions of high end designers.

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